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Our Work at the Emma Hale House

A Remake of the Lincoln shawl

A version of the Lincoln Shawl for the Beekman 1802 Mercantile

An Historic 15 Star Flag


We are reproducing an historic 15 star flag. Wove the bunting, Kate Smith at Easton Hill did the dyeing. Now the piecing in the tradition fashion. Stars to be placed on the canton next.
Oh the projects we get involved in!

Drapery fabric for Hill House in MN

Still working on the color way for them but here it is in the colors that they chose.

Still working on the color way for them but here it is in the colors that they chose.

Here is another color way.

Here is another color way.

The Hyde Hall Stair Carpet


The Hyde Hall stair carpet which we wove this winter, is being installed by David and Charlene Hunt of the Vermont Rug Company today.

The aubergine color in the border brings out the mahogany stair rail and treads. The very fine nose of each tread is a detail that I hadn’t noticed until the carpet was installed.
This is a Damask Venetian Carpet, which is a structure mentioned in inventories but rarely found as surviving fragments. We have a small border piece from the early 19th century and only images of surviving centers. Together we made this Venetian Damask carpet for Hyde Hall.



Spring scarves from the latest Jacquard pattern


Spring Scarves from the latest Jacquard pattern. These are like heaven! They are soft and lightweight perfect for the upcoming Spring holidays. They feel like silk because they are. Actually they are a very fine cotton warp with Zephyr – a silk and merino worsted blend – so they are light, long durable and of course for sale! We only have a few in three different color ways. The lilac and gray, the indigo blue and cinnabar, and white very fine chenille. I want to get them out for folks to enjoy so super sale price of $55.00 They are going on on on line store in a few minutes…the pictures do not do them justice!


The ups and downs of working with historic textiles


The ups and downs of working with historic textiles. We are warping a reproduction of a Venetian carpet that I have wanted to weave for a long time. The surviving piece is in the collection of Old Sturbridge Village but it is very similar to drafts in the Silas Burton account book. It contains Plaids that make the carpet unusual. That’s going very well at the moment.

The downs are that for no apparent reason after running perfectly at the start up the camel hair running on the little S6 took out about 150 ends on each side of the warp. The cloth will be beautiful but unexpected crashes aren’t a joy on a Friday.



Damask Venetian Carpet for Hyde Hall


Damask Venetian Carpet on the loom


I thought you might want to see the steps a little further along. The Damask Venetian Carpet for Hyde Hall is now running. Come see it this weekend or next! Here is the complete warp, beaming the warp and the beginning of tying in to the existing carpet.