Schedule for Textile History Forum, April 29 – May 1, 2016

Friday April 29

9:30am: Introduction to Hyde Hall by Jonathan Maney

10am: How do we know what we know? Basic textile identification with Rabbit Goody

12:30pm: Lunch

2pm George Clarke, The Builder – Receipts That Tell Us So Much by Jill Maney

3:15pm: Break

3:30-5pm: Hands-on identification…practical experience in fiber analysis and technical recording of textile information.

Dinner on your own.

Saturday April 30

9:30am: What should the windows look like? with Bruno Lopez Poulin

10:30am: The special textile collections at Hyde Hall – identifying and dating the red worsted damask and cataloging textiles for Hyde Hall

12:30pm: Lunch

2pm: More special textile collections at Hyde Hall – Identifying, dating and cataloging textiles for Hyde Hall

5:30pm: Wine and cheese reception for the Board of Trustees and donors at Hyde Hall and dinner with Hyde Hall Staff

Sunday May 1st

10am: The Textile Roadshow – identification of participants’ textiles

12:30pm Lunch

2pm: Trims and their importance: The Collection at Hyde Hall and Tassel and Trim Making in the 19th Century.

Hyde Hall has an extraordinary collection of curtains and gilt valances from the Great House Dining Room and Drawing Room. Together we will piece together the physical evidence and work with experts to understand and reassemble the parts of the surviving drapery so that we can reconstruct the magnificent window treatments as they once were. This is a unique experience for anyone who is interested in textile history. Together we will “remake” history at Hyde Hall.