Large Black Lincoln Shawl

$195.00 $175.00

Merino worsted wool; 88″ longĀ  x 51″ wide with knotted fringe.

Inspired by Abraham Lincoln’s personal shawl, which survives in the Smithsonian Archives. We have created several versions of the shawl to commemorate and revitalize large shawl wearing today. In the 18th and 19th centuries, both men and women would have used shawls like this one for indoor and outdoor clothing, as well as preventing drafts. Large shawls are also perfect for curling up in during winter naps.

We’ve used the wonderful, complicated twill weave of the original shawl and used the satin weave for the stripes, which are “marl” yarns to make a watered color. This style was part of the Scottish shawl genre in the mid 19th century. Lincoln’s personal shawl was actually twice as wide, but we felt that most of us would be happy with the current size of 88″ x 51″.