Fabric Sample Pack


Thistle Hill Weaver’s sample pack contains three samples of all of the different fabrics that we make on a regular basis. We created this sample pack so that you could feel all the types of fabrics without having to come visit us – but of course we would love  a visit!. Fabrics have to be touched to be truly appreciated and you won’t believe the variety of fabrics that we create! We can also weave these fabulous fabrics for you in custom colors and designs.

Each sample pack contains three 5 inch x 7 inch samples of each type of fabric: worsted wools, dimities, silks, carpets, furniture checks and more, and comes with a brochure, price list and information about ordering from us. Price of $15 includes shipping We offer free shipping to the US and Canada on all the products in our online store.

SKU: SamplePack