Carpet for Past and Present, Blue and Green Figured Venetian Carpet 100% wool

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Wool carpet is the ultimate in floor coverings. Wool balances the moisture in a house by taking the moisture into itself if its very humid  and giving off moisture if the air is very dry. Wool also filters the air, it protects the floor, adds warmth and cushions your steps.  From ancient times to modern, wool carpets have held their importance and status. The style of this carpet – Figured Venetian became popular in the early 18th century and continued  to be popular thru the 19th century. We have woven figured Venetian carpets for historic houses many times but in this color way, without a border, this carpet says modern, beautiful, luxurious and practical.

This carpet runner can be made into an area rug or can be used as a stair runner or even as small area entry way rugs.

You can wash it in a washing machine and tumble it to dry.

The price is by running yard