Pattern Drafting for Handloom Weavers at Thistle Hill Weavers

Pattern design

Saturday, March 29, 2014 – Sunday, March 30, 2014

Taught by Rabbit Goody, this two day class is a theory and practical workshop for understanding how weave structures and pattern drafting work to create woven design. Once you are able to draft and thread patterns, you can create your own designs in structures that will work for their intended purpose. The goal of the class is to help weavers feel comfortable designing woven patterns of their own.

The class is primarily a theory class but we will be weaving some patterns and structures on a variety of hand looms. Beginners through practiced weavers are welcome. This should be a fun and energizing class to get you excited about all the wonderful aspects of textile design.

As always, lunch is included both days and the studio will be open Saturday evening and early Sunday morning for extra time. The class fee is $185.00, with all materials included. Class begins at 9 am on Saturday and ends on Sunday at 4:30.

Click here to register or or call us at 518.284.2729.