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Luxurious Trims to Complete your Room

Thistle Hill Weavers makes a wide variety of custom trims that add the perfect finishing touch to window treatments, bed hangings, portieres or tie backs. The art of passementerie was long considered the crowning glory of weaving. Our custom cording, fringes, tapes and tassels add beauty to your rooms and give historic reproductions an authentic period look.

Polychrome bullion fringe

Trim weaving is a special field and we weave some simple and some very complex trims all by hand at Thistle Hill Weavers. Here is a polychrome –colors in bands – bullion fringe. Bullion means that the fringe is looped upon itself and has a complete twist in each fringe. This is silk and has a decorative header as well.

Polychrome bullion fringe

Another view of this polychrome bullion fringe.

Coach lace

Authentic reproduction coach lace

Coach lace

We wove this authentic reproduction coach lace for the restoration of a 1939 Cadillac interior. Coach laces were among the highest accomplishments of passementerie and very complicated to produce. They are really a type of velvet with raised pile and often more than one warp. We make all kinds of historic reproduction trims, by hand, including tapes, tassels cording, and fringes.

Custom silk fringes and tassels

Custom silk fabric trimmed with custom cut silk fringe, silk cording, rosettes and pure silk large molded tassel

Pointed ribbon trim

Pointed ribbon trim: we wove the tape first and then pleated and sewed it into shape. This was for Mrs. Hyde’s bedroom at the Hyde Collection in Glens Falls, NY.

Silk fringe

Silk fringe

Tassel trim

Silk woven tape with tassels

Geometric ingrain tape  and fringe

Polychrome cut fringe on a reproduction 18th century printed cotton.

Silk diamond fringe

Silk diamond fringe

White trim on the loom

;Weaving a tape trim for Thomas Jackson diamond dimity.

This needs a caption.

Even striped herringbone dimity with a diamond dimity cut fringe.