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Historically Accurate Fabrics, Carpets, Furnishings and Trims

For more than 30 years, Thistle Hill Weavers, the Studio of Rabbit Goody, has been weaving luxurious custom fabrics, carpet and trim for designers, home owners, museums and the film industry.

We specialize in creating accurate historic reproductions, working from surviving examples, documented patterns and period weavers’ drafts. Our work covers a wide range of periods: we’ve recreated early medieval textiles for the film Beowulf and woven custom fabric for modern high-end handbags.

Our ability to produce short runs of entirely custom fabric, carpet and trims sets us apart from other textile manufacturers (18 yards is our minimum custom order). Our cloth is distinguished by the historic finishes we use which produce an authentic period look that is unmatched by commercially manufactured material.

Our signature interior furnishings include Venetian carpet, Geometric Ingrain carpet, historic dimities, gossamer drapery fabric, worsted camblet, baize, fancy figured worsteds, fancy tapes, and cut silk fringes.

For homeowners, authentic historic textiles can transform your interiors and give your home the look and feel of another time. From bed hangings to window treatments, custom carpet to upholstery, we can guide you in designing lush, livable and totally authentic soft furnishings for your home. Whether you seek guidance about a particular item, a special room or an entire household, we can help. We offer on-site visits and remote consultations.

We also do work for designers and museums. You can see our fabrics and trims at George Wash­ing­ton’s Mount Vernon, Thomas Jefferson’s Monti­cello, Martin Van Buren’s home in Kinderhook and the Lincoln Birthplace. But we also make carpets and window treatments and trims for individual homes all across the country.

We have over 30 years of experience making custom bed hangings for period or reproduction beds. We can simply weave fabric for you, or we can construct an entire installation, com­plete with trim and functioning bed curtains. We’ll do small projects as well as large–a carpet for a single set of stairs or soft furnishings for an entire house, from floor to ceiling, windows to beds.

Our extensive research library is at your service. We will help you choose appropriate upholstery for a Chippendale sofa or design the perfect window treatments to complement a Greek Revival parlor. Whether your home was built in 1760, 1850 or 1920, we can create authentic textiles that will bring your rooms to life.

To order samples or discuss your special project with us, please contact us. Here are some examples of our price ranges:

Carpets: $135 – $225 per square yard ($15-$25 per square foot)
Dimity: $65.00 to $75.00 per square yard
Worsteds: $85 to to $125 per square yard

Reproduction ingrain carpet

On the left is a reproduction from the original of the Jones Mill ingrain carpet woven in the 1830’s at Cold Spring Harbor, shown on the loom. The original (on the right) is owned by the Society for the Preservation of Long Island Antiquities.

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