2007 Textile History Forum Proceedings

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Contents, with a foreword by Rabbit Goody:

  • Adams, Anne. "Done Without Spectacles: Three Generations of a Quaker Family and Their Textiles."
  • Baldia, Christel. "The Use of Colorants in Hopewell Textiles from the Seip Mound Group in Southern Ohio."
  • Dean, Phyllis. "The Rocker Beater Loom: An Early Form of Standing Beater Loom."
  • Heffernan, Sandy. "Peasant? The Transformation of an Aesthetic."
  • Koch-Esterline, Caryn Elizabeth. "Mary Alexander: Fashioning Colonial New York."
  • Laube, Gary. "The New England Pine Tree Flag."
  • Lovett, John. "Research and Restoration of a 19th-century Textile Machinery Collection."
  • McClintock, Deb. "The Lao Khao Tam Huuk–One of the Foundations of Lao Pattern Weaving."
  • Robare, Mary. "Quaker Networks Revealed in Quilts."
  • Sider, Sandra. "Origins of American Art Quilts: Politics and Technology."
  • Sweeney, Melodie. "The Flowering of the Rose Blanket."
  • Walter, Ron. "Decorated Hetchels." 
  • With Works in Progress by Stan Gorski and Martha Graham.