2003 Textile History Forum Proceedings

Contents, with a foreword by Rabbit Goody:

  • "Knitted Handwear: Preserving Cultural Identity in Hand-Stitches" by Jay Ruckel
  • "Advertising and Knitting: Cranking Out Socks on Contract at Home, 1900-1926" by Richard Candee
  • "Whose Corset Is It?" by Nancy Boulin
  • "Exploring the Textures of Prehistoric Textiles: The Replication of Footwear and Bags" by Jenna Tedrick Kuttruff
  • "To Market To Market: The Trials and Tribulations of Textile Adaptation–Highland Guatemalan Maya Women Through the Centuries" by Amber H. J. Judge
  • "Homespun Myths: Middleclass Values Meet the Marketplace" by Judith Rygiel
  • "The Ithaca Carpet Factory: Fancy Weaving, Home Production, and Superior Design" by Jill Maney and Jonathan Maney
  • "Regional Preferences in Fancy Coverlet Designs: An Ohio Study" by Viginia Gunn
  • "The Nineteenth-Century Diaries of Samantha and Zeloda Barrett, Weavers and Spinners in Nineteenth-Century Hartford, Connecticut" by Sharon Usba Steinberg
  • "Airplanes, Balloons, and Cartridge Bags: A Few Fabrics of World War I" by Katharine Dirks
  • "The Value of Staying in Touch: A Researcher’s Use of Public History" by Michael J.Smith